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Email: Cameron.johnson@adair.kyschools.us

Band Website: adaircountyband.com


1st Period - Beginning Clarinet/Trumpet (7:45-8:30)

2nd Period - Beginning Percussion/Trombone (8:32-9:30)

3rd Period - Beginning Flute/Saxophone (9:32-10:30)

4th Period - 7th Grade Band (10:32-12:00)

5th Period - 8th Grade Band (12:02-12:45)

6th Period - Power Hour (12:47-1:45)

7th Period - High School Band (1:47-2:45)


Born and raised in Munfordville, Kentucky Mr. Johnson is a 2014 Graduate of Hart County High School and a 2018 Graduate of Campbellsville University. While at Hart County, Cameron participated in the concert band(2007-14), marching band(2008-13), pep band(2007-14), winter in-door drumline(2010-11), All-District Bands(2009-10 - 2012-14), WKU(2012-14) and EKU(2009-14) Honor Bands, All-State Concert (2013) and Symphonic Band(2014), and The U.S. Army All American Marching Band (2014). Additionally, Cameron took private lessons from the Trumpet Professor at Campbellsville University from his freshman through senior years of high school. 


Mr. Johnson graduated Magna Cum Laude from Campbellsville University in December of 2018 with a Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Music Education. During his time at Campbellsville University, he participated in the concert band, marching band, pep band, wind ensemble, orchestra, jazz band, trumpet ensemble, brass quintet, percussion ensemble and steel band. Cameron was selected as a member of the 2016 - 2018 KMEA Intercollegiate Band as a Trumpeter. While apart of the Tiger Marching Band, Mr. Johnson was awarded the Golden Dinkles (Best Marcher) 2015-2017, Most outstanding Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior, was an equipment officer (2015-16) and Vice President of the Tiger Marching Band in 2017. 


While attending Campbellsville University, Cameron worked as a staff member during the marching season for Taylor County, Hart County, Green County, and several others. During the concert season, Cameron worked as a private lessons trumpet teacher for several schools growing his studio to 20 students at one time. Mr. Johnson student taught at Taylor County Middle and High School and Campbellsville Elementary where he worked with elementary bucket drumming ensembles and various instrumental ensembles from grades 6-12.


While not at the band room or band field, Mr. Johnson enjoys being with his Wife(Autumn) and Daughter(Adleigh), watching marvel movies or TV shows, playing golf with friends, and going new places. Cameron currently resides in Munfordville, KY. 


Adair County Bands 2021-22


The goal of the Adair County High School Band: The attempt and design of these course offerings is to provide instruction via performance, listening to, and analyzing music.





1)      Create and notate answers in similar style to music phrases
2)      Improvise melodic embellishments and variations on given melodies---

3)      Listen, analyze and notate short pieces of music demonstrating unity/variety, tension/release, and balance---

4)      Play a given piece of music on sight and with practice---

5)      Interpret music notation and symbols-

6)      Compare and contrast the quality of compositions and performances, using specific musical terms and elements to describe their technical and expressive qualities--

7)      Maintain proper knowledge of the elements of music and other arts



Student “I can….” Music Statements


play with Expression – the quality of a musical performance that reaches one’s emotions, and appeals to one's taste and judgment.

play with Timbre/Sonority – the tone quality of the instruments at all volume levels.

play with Balance and Blend – the effect of volume from individuals and sections that best realizes the musical priorities.

play with Style & Idiomatic Interpretation
 – the extent to which a performance authentically represents the genre in which the music was written, with consideration for rhythm, articulation, and nuance.

play with Phrasing
 – a complete musical thought through time.

play with Tempo
 – the metronomic speed of a musical performance as related to that which best displays the intent of the music.

play with Pulse Control
 – the ability of the performers to maintain consistent tempo.

play with Intonation
 – the clarity and accuracy of the pitch from note to note within musical lines, between individuals within sections of the band, and between sections of the band.

play with Rhythmic Interpretation
 – the ability of the performers to consistently produce clearly defined rhythms from section to section and as an ensemble.

play with Ensemble Cohesiveness – the production of a consistent musical line involving articulation, timing of attacks and releases, rhythm, tempo, pulse control, dynamics, and phrasing, as exhibited throughout the ensemble


 Student “I can….” Visual Statements


 Move with Uniformity of Method and Style—the degree to which the performer uses consistent and refined movement techniques.

Move with Individual Timing Control—the performers’ demonstration of cohesive and consistent control of time in moving body and equipment.

Move with Projection of Style—the performers’ use of energy, intensity, and control of body alignment(s) and articulation(s) and audience awareness 

Move with Recovery—the performer's ability to compensate rapidly for space and time discrepancies.

Move an Understanding of Roles—the performer's demonstrated skills of developing character and mood through movement

Move within the Ensemble /Timing Control—the degree to which there is consistency and cohesion within the ensemble maintaining control of time while moving body and equipment.

Move within the Ensemble /Form Control—the degree to which there is consistency and cohesion within the ensemble in maintaining control of body placement in the drill

Move with correct Interval/Spacing—the performer's accurate and consistent control of distance relationships between bodies.

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