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Mission Statement

     Our mission is to prepare all students with the self-discipline and academic
     proficiency necessary to be contributing citizens in an ever-changing society.
-         Students are our highest priority.
-         Every student, parent and employee shall be accountable for their role.
-         Students shall have equal access to all available academic opportunities.
-         The entire community should be integral partners in the educational process.
-         All individuals shall be treated with dignity, courtesy and respect.
-         Provide facilities, equipment, supplies and materials to support student learning.
-         Provide a safe, secure and healthy learning and working environment.
-         Identify and communicate the essential standards for each subject and grade level.
-         Ensure that all students and schools make progress toward academic excellence.
-         Motivate students to excel in order to maximize their learning.
-         Provide instruction and programs to meet the individual needs of students.
-         Train teachers, support staff and administrators to do their jobs effectively.
-         Reduce any achievement gaps.
-         Enable accelerated learners to progress at maximum rate.
-         Celebrate student attendance and success.
-         Address the counseling needs of students.
-         Prioritize the District and school budgets to meet the needs of students.
-         Provide adequate numbers of highly qualified faculty and staff.
-         Provide nutritional education and opportunities for improved physical fitness.
-         Increase business participation.
-         Provide opportunities for students to apply academic skills in real world situations. 
-         Ensure the active engagement of our community.
-         Provide parent education and involve parents in their children’s education.
-         Seek, support and encourage open and honest communication to build trust.
-         Involve those affected by decisions in the decision-making process.
-         Evaluate and improve the quality and effectiveness of our educational programs.
-         Create a climate encouraging and supporting creativity and innovation.
-         Promote the effective use of technology by students and employees.