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Unit 12 - Trigonometry

Algebra II 
Unit 12
15 days
By the end of this unit, you should be able to say I can...
1.      Use sine, cosine, and tangent ratios to find the sides or angles of right triangles.
2.      Use the Law of Sines to solve problems.
3.      Use the Law of Cosines to solve problems.
4.      Determine the terminal and initial side of an angle of the unit circle.
5.  Measure angles in standard position using degree or radian measure and convert a measure from one unit to the other.
6.  Use the unit circle to find trigonometric values for a specified angle.
7.  Define and recognize the amplitude, frequency, and midline parameters in a trigonometric function.
8.  Graph trigonometric functions, by hand in simple cases or using technology for more complicated cases, and for trigonometric functions, show period, midline, and amplitude.