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Unit 7 - Exponential Rules

Algebra 1

Unit 7: Exponential Rules

Approximately 15 days


By the end of this unit you should be able to say I CAN…

7.1  Add and subtract multi variable monomials. (1 day)

7.2  Define the power of zero.

7.3  Use the product rule to simplify expressions and explore geometric applications. (2 days)

7.4  Use power, quotient, and negative exponent rules to simplify expressions. (2 days)

7.5  Convert between scientific notation and standard form.

7.6  Apply arithmetic operations using scientific notation. (7.5&7.6 - 2 days)

7.7  Find specified terms in a geometric sequence. ( 1 day)

7.8  Find values using exponential growth and decay. (2 days)

7.9  Simplify perfect square and cube roots by factoring (1 day)

7.10  Simplify non-perfect square and cube roots by finding perfect squares and cubes. (1 day)

7.11  Simplify monomials with three variables. (1 day)

Review and Exam 2 days

Embedded within all modules  are the following learning targets

  1. Recognize units given or needed to solve problem
  2. Determine if the solution to a multi-step problem is reasonable using given units
  3. Choose appropriate units to represent a problem when using formulas or graphing.
  4. Interpret units or scales used in formulas or represented in graphs.
  5. Use units as a way to understand problems and to guide the solution of multi-step problems