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Unit 11 - Quadratics

Algebra 1

 Unit 11: Quadratic Functions

Approximately 20 days


By the end of this unit you should be able to say I CAN…

11.1  Find the axis of symmetry, vertex, minimum, maximum, domain, and range of aparabola.

11.2  Simplify quadratics.

11.3  Graph quadratic equations given an equation.

11.4  Determine the roots of a quadratic equation.

11.5  Solve quadratics by factoring.

11.6  Solve trinomials using the quadratic formula.

11.7  Determine whether to use factoring or the quadratic  formula to solve a quadratic equation.

11.8  Solve quadratics using the square root method.

11.9  Solve area problems and problems of projectile motion.

11.10  Compare linear and quadratic models.

11.11 Graph quadratic inequalities.


Embedded within all modules  are the following learning targets

  1. Recognize units given or needed to solve problem
  2. Determine if the solution to a multi-step problem is reasonable using given units
  3. Choose appropriate units to represent a problem when using formulas or graphing.
  4. Interpret units or scales used in formulas or represented in graphs.
  5. Use units as a way to understand problems and to guide the solution of multi-step problems